Adobe Breach Has More Victims Than Previously Thought

Initially it was thought that the Adobe breach,which was reported a few weeks ago, only affected 2.9 million users. As of yesterday, October 29th, Adobe says that the usernames and passwords of 38 million active accounts were stolen by the hackers. As you can see this is a significant increase from the previously reported amount of affected users. Adobe says that they were able to contact all people affected by the hack and have had them reset their account passwords.

The hackers were also able to get source code belonging to a few of the Adobe applications. Some of these applications include Adobe Acrobat, Reader, and ColdFusion.

This is a pretty big breach, one of the largest in resent years. Hopefully Adobe will up their security practices to better protect their user base in the future.

Read at Adobe ups breach estimate from 2.9M to 38M affected users

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