IT Retreat - USG Rock Eagle 2013

I really enjoyed the sessions that I was able to attend at this years USG Rock Eagle!

I was able to learn a little bit more about database security from the guys at Oracle. They brought a really great concept to the table in have a firewall specifically dedicated to the database. From what I was able to gather, this firewall would be able to monitor not only who was accessing the database but also it what way they where querying the database. If someone was able to steal a database administrators credentials then start making queries, which we're taking huge amounts of data, the firewall would be able to flag that traffic then alert IT Security immediately. Pretty cool stuff!

The last session I went to was probably the one that I enjoyed the most. Christopher Workman from UGA went through the process they took to install a Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) solution on their network and some of the things they could have done differently, as well as, what to consider if we decide to implement a SIEM solution on our campus. Some of the main points he mentioned were to be sure that we define the logs that we want to use before implementing the solution and be sure do define all possible use cases we might need before deciding which direction we would like to go. Chris had many other great pointers, but these two were the ones I thought to be the most helpful. 


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