The New iPadAir and iPad mini (retina)

The new iPads are getting a little bit of a face lift along wih some changes to the guts. 

The iPad Mini (retina) is getting upgraded to a retina display, as the name would suggest and it is getting the new A7 processor chip along with the M7 motion sensor chip. These upgrades are definitely a step up from the first generation mini and would be enough for me to definite make the decision to buy, even if the cost has gone up by $70 for the 16g model. 

The iPad Air has been redesigned to look like it's smaller counter part. It is also getting the new A7 and M7 chips as well. Along with being only 7.5mm thin and weighing in at 1 pound. I think this new look will be a good one for the iPad. I was really hoping that Apple would make an iPad with a smaller bezel while still keeping the same screen size. 

I think I would rather go with the iPad mini retina over the new iPad Air just because I like the smaller form factor and the fact that it will have exactly the same processors that the new iPad Air. But I will have to take both of them for a test drive before I make a final decision as to which one I will ultimately decide to pick up. 

What do you guys think? Are you more excited about the iPad Mini retina with all the upgrades it brings to the table or are you looking forward to the iPad Air with its smaller form factor and snappier processor?


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