Amazon and Playstation Come Together

Amazon Playstation Network Store is set to launch or PSVita, PS3, and of course the much anticipated (at least for me) Playstation 4. It is said that this new addition will give gamers a choice as to where they can download content. In the past, users were subject to downloading content from Playstation Network, which meant that the listing price for a game was what they had to pay. Although, it has not been said whether or not Amazon will have their own pricing model or simply use the same price points used by Sony, users will have an option to chose where they want to by their games from, which intern, could lower pricing in both online stores.

I feel that this will be a good addition to the Playstation user experience. It makes them feel like they have a choice even if they the prices for downloadable content are exactly the same in both marketplaces. Will this be a good thing? I guess we will just have to wait and see how the community reacts to the new addition.

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