AT&T Data Breach Warning

AT&T has notified some of its customer base that their personal information (PII) may have been accessed between April 9 and April 21, 2014 by the employees of one of AT&T's contractors. Some of the information accessed includes: Social Security Numbers, birth dates, and other data. They believe that this information was accessed in a effort to create a passcode that would allow them to unlock AT&T based phones to be sold on secondary or "black" markets.

They claim that no financial information was stolen, and the employees of the company have been terminated. However, AT&T is urging their customers to change their account passwords as a precaution. One thing that some of you may find interesting is that ATT has not released the number of people affected by this breach. They are only saying that some customer accounts were affected. I do not know you, but this does not make me feel very safe, being that I am an ATT customer myself.

Security experts say that while there was apparently no direct financial effect on customers, the breach is still concerning.


Make sure that, if you are an ATT customer, that you go ahead and change your account password, and monitor your account activity. Including credit card or other financial payment information.



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