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OPI security appliance

OPI is an information security appliance that you can use as your digital information safe. You can store and back up all information and it is encrypted! You can completely control who is able to access your information and you can control where that information is stored, primarily in your home. The super cool thing about this appliance is that it is running Ubuntu Linux! How cool is that!

The creaters want to offer an alternative to other cloud services such as Google drive or Dropbox for those of use that want to take back control of what is already ours, our data.

How It Works:

This is really awesome because you can back up all of your information while staying in complete control of where that information lives. Also, you can access that data anywhere and every where that there is an internet connects or I assume a data connection. The appliance sits at your home and is connected to your router, just as you would plug a computer or other networked appliance on your internal network. 

Currently, a base OPI starts at $119 bucks, which isn't that bad. You will get an 8GB memory card and three months of OP's back up service and if you don't want to continue paying for the service you can back up your documents, photos and other information manually. 

To access your data, OPI is compatible with Android phones and tablets, IOS and other Apple devices, desktop clients and through the Web using the OPI Web interface. A cool feature, during setup, OPI gives you the choice to create a unique name so that you can find you device and access data no matter where you are in the world. 
All OPI’s will be granted names under the domain “”, so an example would be to enter to access the device named “testopi”.
 What it Will Not Do:

The device isn't a firewall or a router, so it will not route or block traffic and it want be able to obfuscate your Internet searches or browsing behaviors. What it will do is keep your traffic encrypted at all times and it will encrypt the traffic between the OPI and your phone or computer. Furthermore, if anyone gains physical access to the appliance they will have a difficult time getting to the information because they will not have the password.

Overall, I think this is a really great idea, and it seems like a good product for the general purpose user. Not to mention the full encryption of my data. Great work! The only thing that I am unsure of is whether or not the device is up-gradable or can I change the amount of storage when my needs change.



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