Pass Phrases are Easier



  1. 25,000 words to chose from
  2. Pick 4 words at random
  3. That's 25,000 words raised to the 4th power, which equals 390,625,000,000,000,000 possibilities for a pass phrase using only lowercase letters.
  4. This happens to be about the same strength as a 9-10 digit alpha numeric password that you would make up yourself.
  5. However, most people capitalize one or more of the words witch adds more possibilities. 50,000 raised to the 4th or a really BIG number, and it has the same strength as a 10-11 character password using letters and numbers. 
  6. If mutations are allowed, (special characters or changing letters to numbers, etc.) this increases the number of possibilities to 2.5 million unique words, which is also another very very LARGE number. 
The best part is ... 

You can actually remember the pass phrase without having to right it down!!!!!!!



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