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Netflix in Linux Using Chrome

Update 01.01.2015 - I have some awesome news! It is now unnecessary to use the "User Agent Extension" for Google Chrome in order to watch Netflix online. Simply remove the agent then relaunch the video that you want to watch and it should work!

The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C has made a push for protected media content to be streamed using HTML5 media playback through the Encrypted Media Extension specifications. Watching Netflix natively in Linux has been made possible in Beta versions of Google Chrome using an extension. You will no longer have to use a funky wine/silverlight work around any longer as long as you use the Beta version of Google Chrome!
By spoofing the user agent of an official supported EME platform (e.g., Windows 8.1) in Chrome for Linux we can get fuss-free totally native playback of movies and TV shows — for now, at least.It does take a bit of tweaking to get it up and running, but once you do, it plays much nicer than the wine configurations from ear…

Russian Cyber Gang "Steals" Passwords

A source told the Guardian, on Tuesday, that a Russian cyber gang has stolen 1.5 billion unique passwords belonging to multiple email address. However, there does not seem to be enough information as to whether or not the reporting party is telling the truth. At least there hasn't been a big name security firms that have been allowed to verify this claim. A information security researcher from University College London told the Guardian,
It’s plausible that they have found this many credentials, but whether they actually have or not we would need to see more data ... We’ve been told independent experts have verified it, but we haven’t seen what they’ve verified and we don’t know who they are. The article goes on to say that this news, whether true or not, is just another nail in the theoretical coffin for the use of usernames and passwords as the mechanism of choice to secure Web pages. People are always getting the advice that says, "You need to make a secure password that i…