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The Home Depot POS Breach


Home Depot has confirmed, on September 08, 2014, that a data breach has taken place in the majority of its US and Canadian store location. There is an estimated 2400+ stores that may have been affected by the breach, starting back in April of last year.

Brian Krebs from KrebsOnSecurity said that sources close to the investigation have determined that the Malware used in this breach was aided by a possible new variant of the bug used to infect Target and other point-of-sale (POS) devices last year. This information was release early last week along with a statement from Home Depot. Other sources suggest that some of the stores were infected with a POS Malware called BlackPOS, which is designed to copy credit and debit card numbers as soon as they are swiped at the card reader terminals. The security company Trend Micro says that his new variant has a few new capabilities including the ability to disguise itself inside of the anti-virus software running on the compromised syst…