New Data Breach Legislation

Data Breaches: Does the Government Need to Step In? -

Today President Obama proposed the formation of a national data breach notification standard. The standard will cover the private sector, making it easier for law enforcement to track cyber criminals selling stolen financial information overseas, as well as the public school system as more and more educational material is being hosted on the Internet. The President wants to be sure that the information presented to students is being use to educate not to market to them. There should be a better, faster, way to notify individuals of their data being leaked across the Web. Organizations falling victim to a data breach will have a 30 day window to notify all affected. 
"Consumes have the right to know!"
            - Barack Obama
Update: 01.15.2015 - On the same day, Central Command's Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked by individuals claiming to be with the ISIS group. Photos were posted appearing to contain information relating to place of residence for retired military personnel. Officials then said that the information was not actually classified and anything posted on those accounts is designated as "official use only". Just to make us feel better, lol, the white house released a statement saying that they are monitoring the situation. 

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