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Using the Barracuda Network Connector with Linux

Barracuda_OpenVPN_ConfigUsing the Network Connector with LinuxThe Network Connector is available for use with Linux 2.4 or higher integrated with the TUN/TAP driver.No separate client software is needed to connect from Linux systems to the Network Connector service, since most modern Linux distros already contain the required support in the OpenVPN NetworkManager-openvpn packages. However, a configuration file must be installed in order for the system to connect to the Barracuda SSL VPN.Step 1. Install OpenVPN NetworkManagerIf it is not already installed on your system, install OpenVPN NetworkManager. Depending on your Linux distribution, you may need to do this via one of the following methods:Deb based Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian,...) In a terminal enter: sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpnRPM based Linux distributions (Redhat, SUSE,...) – In a terminal enter (as root): yum install NetworkManager-openvpnArch: sudo pacman -S NetworkManager-openvpnStep 2. Download Cl…