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I am IT guy who has just graduated with a degree in Information Security and Assurance. Currently working as an intern for Southern Polytechnic State University. I know many of you probably have never heard of my University, but it is a sister school of Georgia Tech and it is growing at a very quick pace.

 I love learning about new technology and reading about information security updates and news. I am working very hard to reach my goals and I want to be able to inspire those around me to reach their goals as well. I hope to continue working in the information technology field, and I plan to never stop learning and increasing my knowledge about security.

"I am a great believer in luck, and find that the harder I work the more I have of it."

                                                                                     - Thomas Jefferson


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Emby Media Server | Arch Linux

Prerequisite:I have tried to install Emby directly from the Arch package repositories, but for whatever reason, permissions for the emby service user were not allowing emby to access the media file locations. Now that I have used it a little bit, Docker seems to be the best, and easiest way, to get Emby up and running reliably. Below is my experience running through the emby installation process. Most of it comes from the GitHub tutorial, but I've added my take and what I've done to resolve certain issues.Note: The following install was done on an Arch Linux box, running the most recent kernel, which at the time was 4.3.3.-2-ARCH.You can get he full GitHub installation guide from herePrerequisite:First, make sure that you have a working Docker instance:sudo pacman -S docker Now, start the docker service:sudo systemctl enable docker sudo systemctl start docker Your docker container should now be running, and it should startup after each reboot of your system. To Check that the …

Installing Arch Linux & Gnome 3 Desktop

Installation:The following steps are what I did to install Arch linux on my Asus laptop and many other devices. The Beginners Install Guide is much more in-depth and explains some other features like MBR installs, full and partial disk encryption, and the GRUB boot loader.Installation:Bootable Arch Media:You can grab the latest ISO from here. I always grab one from one of the US mirrors, but they have a Torrent file as well.Now lets create the install media:# sudo dd bs=512 if=/location/of/your/iso_file of=/dev/sdx && sync This will take about 5 minutes to complete, but it will depend on the quality of the flash media.Install Arch:Boot to the USB drive that you just created, and select the first boot option.After the OS environment boots, take a look at the connected devices and determine where you will be installing Arch. If you know how large your target drive is, determining which device to use should be fairly straight forward.# lsblk Network Setup:If you are connect to yo…